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By admin 12 September 18

What Are The Essential Elements For a Homepage?

If you plan to design a website for your business and would like to know how to attract more visitors for your website, it’s a good idea to start with a good “Homepage”.
When visitors land on your website, the first thing they see is the Homepage. When on the Homepage visitors usually seek to know more about you, your business, products, or services. And it is a good idea to make sure this information is showcased nicely on your homepage.
What essential elements should you incorporate on your homepage?
There is no special formula. You have many options. There is a checklist of critical elements to include on your homepage:

  1. Logo

Your logo is your brand’s banner. It is what customers or clients think of when your business comes to mind. It important for you to incorporate this element on your Homepage.

  1. Menu

Creating a menu will allow easy navigation through your website.

  1. Headline

Headline is one the most important elements of a Homepage. A headline should inform visitors about your products and services within 3 seconds. Although it may contain few words, but it is the most important part of your website.

  1. User login

Does your website offer any members services or user accessibility? If so, design a beautiful, easily accessible login section.

  1. The captivating visuals

People are visual beings. It is highly recommended to use an image (or short video) to represent your business or services. An image or video that sparks emotions or feelings is very effective. In order to optimize photos for mobile users, use large size pictures along with smaller ones.

  1. Portfolio

Does your business offer any products or services which can be showcased with images, brochures or case studies? If so, it is a good idea to showcase theses images, brochures, or case studies for your visitors.

  1. Features and advantages

You can increase your chances of selling your products or services by describing their features and advantages.

  1. Search function

If your website has many pages, it makes sense to create a search function for visitors to easily look up pages.

  1. Call to action

Your Homepage should have different call to action buttons. A good idea is to place your call to action button below/ on top of your captivating image or video. Preferably, it should be visible without the need to scroll down.

  1. Attractive offers or deals

Another effective way to attract visitors through the Homepage is to propose an attractive offer. You have many options to execute this. Discounts or coupons are usually the most common ones.
You can also feature your offer as following:

  • Via a window in the side bar
  • By a pop-up
  • As a part of the footer
  1. Proof of quality and customer satisfaction

This part is very effective to build confidence. Create a section on your homepage that contains the following relevant information:

  • Testimonials
  • Affiliate customer/ client logos
  • Certificates and appreciation letters
  • Awards and accolades
  • Relevant numbers (satisfied clients, rankings, subscribers…)
  • Relevant stats
  • Press mentions
  1. Additional call to actions

It is a good idea to include additional call to action buttons throughout the homepage as needed. These additional call to action buttons serve as conversion points. They could engage your visitors in other aspects your website or business that’s not necessarily the main focus.
You have to have in mind that a visitor might not be interested in your offerings immediately as they land on a website. So, it is important to include these call to actions throughout the Homepage and the entire website.

  1. Blog

Most online marketers are content marketers, and concept publishers. Blogs increase interactions between you and your visitors, who search your main page or weblog for the first time. Blogs will also translate to more visitors, subsequently.
You can utilize the following techniques in order to maximize Blogging advantages:

  • Display latest articles with a brief explanation: display one or more recent blog posts with a headline, main image, and some explanation.
  • Display article’s title. Your homepage needs to have some links for popular articles and/ or recent articles or both.
  • Blog as homepage. Many homepages are mostly blogs. In the other words, most parts of the homepages display articles in reverse chronological order. This method is suitable for some companies whiles it is not proper for the others.
  1. Content Blocks

These pods or concept blocks consist of 2,3 or 4 rows which tend to get placed on top of each other on smartphones.
You can use content blocks to offer a variety of valuable things for visitors, such as but not limited to:

  • Products or services
  • Offers
  • Rewards
  • Team member personal profiles or a link to an employee page
  • News
  • Events
  • Locations
  1. Newsletter Subscription

Thanks to variety of plugins and mass email services, display of newsletter forms through popups, footers, and other various ways, is now possible. This option can be placed as a section under the main banner, top of the footer, sidebar or as a row in middle of the page.
If building a client list is one of your business priorities, consider the following:

  • Place a subscription form on the homepage
  • Create a call to action button for the subscription form
  • Create a call button which opens a landing page that consist of a subscription form and a persuading paragraph to encourage your visitors to fill out the form
  1. Keywords

Keywords play a big part in your website’s success. You shouldn’t allocate a private space just for displaying keyword on the homepage. In order to optimize your homepage for search engines, you can include keywords in these areas:

  • Title tags
  • Headline tags
  • Menu items
  • Behind the images
  • In Meta description
  1. Footer

Your footer just like the header, is uniform across the website. When you intend to make a footer you should consider incorporating the following elements:

  • Contact information
  • Location/s
  • Social media icons and widgets
  • Registration form or email
  • Gallery
  • Rewards or certificates
  • Weblog post summary
  • A final call to action button
  1. Link to social media

If you want people to engage with your company on social media, it is recommended to create appropriate social media buttons in a stable and common place on Homepage. These buttons need to be easy to find and accessible.