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Web Development

Web development is what takes place under the hood. It’s where our coding team comes in and brings your design to life.

Unfortunately, its also where most companies cut corners. In most cases, clients don’t get to see or hear about the coding as much as they do with the web design part of their website. But in order for your design to work as intended, you need the code behind it to work flawlessly.
A poorly written code can affect your business and growth.
At Netware Studio, we can build you a fully custom coded website that functions as beautiful as it looks. Our web developers have the experience and knowledge to plan and execute using the most latest and most stable coding standards.
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Slow page speed?

Bad or sloppy code, which is usually what you get with some pre made templates can cause your website to slow down drastically. Using too many plugins or using plugins that interfere with your code, can also break down a website.

One of the main reasons visitors choose to leave your website is because your pages are taking too long to load or are not loading properly. This can leave a bad impression on your visitors or cause you to lose business.

Poor SEO performance?

One of the most important parts of building a website with SEO in mind, is making sure the code is clean and certain guidelines are met. Poor code that causes your website to slow or break down, will affect your visibility to search engine crawlers. Search engines like Google, don’t like slow loading times or webpages that break down.

These issues will automatically cause your website to be overlooked by the search engines and reduce your exposure.

Limited scalability?

Many clients choose to go with pre-made templates to save money. This will severely limit your growth in the long run on top of running the risk of dealing with poorly written code. This causes you to have to go through the process of redoing your website down the line as your business grows.

We build every website with scalability in mind, making sure your website can scale as your business grows.

Custom coded websites, built to deliver results

Website Audit

We can audit your current website for free and give you valuable insight on technical and user experience perspective. We can then help you come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

Open Source

We handcraft all our websites using open-source code. This means you are the sole owner of the final assets that you hire us to make you, no hidden fees or contracts.

Lifetime Support

Every website we make comes with a 90 day post-launch support. Unlike many companies, we stand behind the code we write and we stay onboard if any issues arise in the future.
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