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Web Development

Web development is what takes place under the hood. It’s where our coding team comes in and brings your design to life.

Regrettably, coding is an aspect where many companies tend to compromise. Clients often focus more on the visual design of their website, while the underlying code doesn't receive the same attention. However, it's crucial to have impeccable coding to ensure your website functions seamlessly and delivers the user experience envisioned in the design. At Netware Studio, we prioritize both aesthetics and functionality, providing you with a website that truly shines.
A poorly written code can affect your business and growth.
At Netware Studio, we can build you a website that looks as beautiful as it functions. Our experienced web developers will use the latest and most stable coding standards to plan and execute your website, ensuring that it is both user-friendly and visually appealing.
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Slow page speed?

Subpar or messy coding, often found in premade templates, can significantly impact your website's performance. Excessive or incompatible plugins may also contribute to site instability.

A primary reason visitors abandon a website is slow-loading pages or improper display, which can tarnish your reputation and lead to lost business opportunities. At Netware Studio, we ensure that your website is built on a foundation of strong coding and optimization, prioritizing both user experience and business success.

Poor SEO performance?

Crafting a website with SEO at its core requires clean coding and adherence to specific guidelines. Suboptimal code that results in slow or malfunctioning websites can hinder search engine visibility. Search engines, such as Google, prefer fast-loading, reliable webpages, and any issues may lead to your site being bypassed, diminishing its exposure.

At Netware Studio, we prioritize creating a robust, well-coded website that adheres to SEO best practices, ensuring your online presence stands out in the digital landscape.

Limited scalability?

Opting for pre-made templates may appear cost-effective initially, but it can significantly hinder your long-term growth, especially when faced with subpar coding. This choice often leads to the necessity of revamping your website as your business expands.

At Netware Studio, we prioritize scalability, meticulously crafting each website to accommodate your company's growth and evolving needs. By investing in a tailor-made solution, you'll enjoy a strong foundation that supports your business's future success.

Custom coded websites, built to deliver results

Website Audit

We can audit your current website for free and give you valuable insight on technical and user experience perspective. We can then help you come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

Open Source

We handcraft all our websites using open-source code. This means you are the sole owner of the final assets that you hire us to make you, no hidden fees or contracts.

Lifetime Support

Every website we make comes with a 90 day post-launch support. Unlike many companies, we stand behind the code we write and we stay onboard if any issues arise in the future.
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