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Dr. Taha Anbara

Dr. Anbara made his name performing thousands of successful weight-loss surgeries. He is one of the leaders in the weight-loss arena. But in taking his practice to the next level, he needed a site to showcase his skills and reach the right audience. The key to this project was to make sure that his patients, understood all of Dr. Anbara’s services. There needed to be an easy way to quickly understand what they could expect, get their questions answered, and book their consultations.The design on this was a combination of functionality and simplicity, really showcasing doctor’s experience and the information a visitor needed to feel confident in making a decision. We made it easy for visitors and potential clients to understand what what Dr. Anbara could offer them, promoting conversions on every page.

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Dr. Taha Anbara
Provided Services
  • creative direction and input
  • production oversight
  • logo
  • design assets
  • digital ads
  • web design
  • web development

What the client asked for

Dr. Anbara wanted a functional website, yet simple enough for his patients to be able to find what they are looking for. He asked us to showcase his work/previous operations, combined with information so that his visitors could make the right decision. Lastly, he wanted a simple, easy to operate system for his clients to contact him and/or book consultations.

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