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How to build a brand through web design?
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How to build a brand through web design?

By admin on 7 January 2020

For commercial success of a company, reputation of brand among people is more important than quality or economic aspect. Where the choice comes in, 99% of people choose a company or product that they (at least) have heard its name or brand. The branding philosophy is widespread nowadays, as the branding campaign is created focusing on many factors, including visual and even audio aspects of a brand. Even some branding agencies study the pronunciation of a brand in different languages to select a brand that has the same pronunciation in all languages. However, Branding can be as simple as it is complex. Here we talk about one of the simplest but most effective methods of branding: website design.

Importance of branding

The need to have a valid brand is one of the ways to create a differentiation and personality in the face of consumerist societies moving towards modernism. Brand importance for the customer is created by the customer’s knowledge of the brand, which depends on several factors, but perhaps the following are the two most important.

  1. Brand depth: or, in the other words, the customer’s mental preference for choosing the brand among other similars. For example, many people immediately think of Nutella after hearing the phrase cocoa spread.
  2. Brand extension: the more complex the customer relationship with the brand (more interaction between customer and company), the greater the chance of building long-term loyalty, such as Google and Amazon companies.

Types of branding

Different categories of branding have been provided by the experts in this field, so far. But the most prominent types of branding are listed below.

  • Co-branding: partnering with another brand to achieve the common goal.
  • Digital branding: using websites, social media, websites, and search engine optimization to expand business.
  • Personal branding: personal branding is a way for each person to create a reputation for themselves.
  • Causal branding: bringing your brand to a beneficial intent; or corporate social responsibility.
  • Country branding: trying to attract tourists and businesses to country.

Digital branding

Yes, website designing can be a branding method and of course, to achieve this you need to focus on the website and work on it daily and continuously to get better rankings, and thus, more entries from the search engine. Today, with the growth of internet users, website has become one of the best advertising platforms and you can build your brand through strong and permanent presence in internet. Regarding pristine atmosphere of this platform, the cost of advertising in this area will be much lower than the others.

Advantages of web branding

If people are familiar with your brand and know what services and products it is offering, then they will prefer your website to contact you in time of need. This can be a manifestation of website branding services. You should take some steps for web branding such as video marketing, SEO and site optimization, email marketing, etc.

Branding and website design

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a website for a great business or for a personal blog; branding is important for the reasons mentioned above. In the case of personal blogging, branding helps you to be unique and makes your website memorable. Here are some tips to help branding through web design.


Choosing appropriate colors is very important in branding. Color is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from stimulating different emotions. For example, red can increase blood pressure, beats, and breathing. It symbolizes excitement, energy, power and enthusiasm. So it’s the perfect color for companies working in the entertainment industry. Other colors also have their own affects.

logo design

When choosing the colors for your brand, examine the effects and affiliations it creates in order to see if it is the right option for the type of services / products your brand presents. Also keep in mind that the same colors may have different concepts in other cultures. Therefore, search about the intended color in various cultures.

Logo size and position

Regarding UX (user experience), logo is located at the top left of English web pages. This is the area where most people look first to find out what site they are in. Moreover, it’s better to link the logo to website homepage. The size of logo is as important as its location. Make sure the size of logo is big enough so that it’s the second or third thing the users pay attention when vising the website.


Establishing an identity for brand can illustrate what the brand is about. Is the brand just about stability and security to make sure your customers can trust you? Is it a brand of fun and without any glamor? Most of people in commercial societies use brand to show themselves. So, establish your brand personality through whatever your audience likes to incorporate into it.


Emotion is another factor to consider when building a brand. What emotions and feelings do you like people to experience when visiting your site? What sort of things do you want users to deal with your brand? Note that the beauty of your site must first be based on the emotions and ideas that you want the brand to induce, and then you should work on a plan to do so.


To build a successful brand you have to make it memorable. What should you do to people memorize something? Repeat it! Getting memorable through web design causes better branding and turns the users into your clients. Keep coherence in colors, images, and typography on the website to stick your brand in user’s mind.

Using Call to Action icon

This icon helps the users to engage with your website and to do what you want to be done (shopping your services / products). This icon can be a text such as “Download now”, “Sign up to win”, or “Visit our catalog”. When users perceive how to interact with your site, they will get the full experience of your brand. So, consider Call to Action as an essential item in UX when designing website.

Overall, a great, user-friendly website design can have a huge impact on your brand identity and presentation. Any up-to-date tool or subject should be used creatively to increase the website’s daily visits. Use your website to show excellence of your brand and realize what you’ve planned. Digital marketing experts in Netware Studio are online to recommend you about branding through web design. Contact whenever you want.